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Iwuagwu, Mary [1], Ogbonnaya, Chuks I. [2], Onwuchekwa, Ojimgba [3].

Soil Chemical Properties, Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) Grown in Organic and Mineral Fertilized Soil.

This study was conducted at the botanical garden of Plant Science and Biotechnology, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria with a view to investigate the influence of organic and inorganic soil inputs on some soil chemical properties, growth and yield of cocoyam (var. Nce 001) and on nutrient uptake by the plant tissue. The treatments were two rates (0 and 15 t/ha) of applications of rice husk and three rates (0, 50 and 100 kg/ha) each of applications of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. These treatments were factored and fitted into a randomized complete block design with three replications. Data generated were subjected to analysis of variance and significant means separated using Fishers Least Significant Difference at P < 0.05. Results showed that soil N and P were enhanced by combined applications of 15 t/ha rice husk (RH) + 50 kg/ha of either of the inorganic fertilizers and 15 t/ha RH + N-fertilizer (irrespective of rate), respectively. Similarly, soil K and total organic matter content were significantly increased by combined applications of 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgK/ha + 50 kgN/ha and 15 t/ha RH + 50 kgK/ha + 50 kgN/ha, respectively. Growth and yield of cocoyam were significantly improved by combined applications of 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgN/ha, 15 t/ha RH + 50 kgK/ha + 100 kgN/ha and 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgK/ha + 50 kgN/ha. Percentage improvements in yield by the treatments/treatment combinations over the control ranged from 0 – 28% for potassium, 31 – 40% for nitrogen, 61% for rice husk, 4 – 54% for potassium + nitrogen, 53 – 82% for rice husk + potassium, 67 – 101% for rice husk + nitrogen and 83 – 108% for rice husk + potassium + nitrogen. Higher uptakes of N, K, Mg and Ca were observed in cocoyam cormels which received combination of 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgK/ha while higher uptake of P was found in the cormels that received combination of 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgN/ha. In general, combinations of 15 t/ha RH + 100 kgK/ha + 50 kgN/ha performed better than the others and is therefore recommended for adoption by cocoyam farmers to improve the productivity of this crop.

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1 - Abia State University, Plant Science And Biotechnology, Uturu, Uturu, AB, +234, Nigeria
2 - Abia State University, Plant Science and Biotechnology, Uturu, AB, +234, Nigeria
3 - Abia State University, Soil Science, Uturu, AB, +234, Nigeria

Rice husk
Nutrient uptake
Yield improvement.

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