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Functional Genetics/Genomics

Lee, Aaron [1], Yang, Ya [1].

Molecular evolution and convergence in the evolution of abiotic stress tolerance in Amaranthaceae s.l. (Caryophyllales).

Amaranthaceae s.l. is a family of ~2,000 species distributed worldwide that is particularly well-known for the evolution of abiotic stress tolerance. Repeated evolution of traits such as halophytism, C4 photosynthesis, and fast seed germination have contributed to the success of Amaranthaceae in extreme environments, such as deserts and coastlines. Significant agronomic interest in both crop lineages, such as quinoa and beet, and in stress tolerance mechanisms, has motivated stress experiments to understand gene expression stress responses in specific species. However, we can also leverage evolutionary repetition in the multiple transitions to more stressful habitats to ask whether there are core modules in stress response and then interrogate their function. Here, we discuss how we are using published transcriptomic data to investigate similarities and differences in gene expression responses to abiotic stress across species in Amaranthaceae.

1 - University of Minnesota, Plant and Microbial Biology, 1445 Gortner Ave, St Paul, MN, 55108, USA

gene expression
Abiotic stress
C4 photosynthesis

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Number: PCG001
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