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Adesalu, Taofikat [1], Nwankwo, Dike Ikegwu [2].

SEM images of some planktonic diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) of Lekki lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria.

The first comprehensive notes on the diatoms from Lekki lagoon, comprises 239 (205 pennates and 34 centric forms) species belonging to 51genera was reported earlier. In this report, emphasis was given to the scanning electron micrographs of some notable genera observed using JEOL 840A SEM operating at accelerating ranges of 10-20v with working distance between 8-10. Nineteen genera, Acanthoceros, Achnanthes, Aulacoseira, Cocconeis, Cyclotella, Diploneis, Navicula, Neidium, Nitzschia, Pinnularia, Sellaphora, Staurosira,, Stephanocyclus, Stephanodiscus, Surirella,  Tabellaria, Terpsinoe, Tryblionella and Ulnaria were documented to further assist in diatoms from Nigeria, West Africa.

1 - University Of Lagos, Nigeria , Department Of Botany , Lagos, Lagos, 100000, Nigeria
2 - University of Lagos, Faculty of Science, Department of Marine Sciences, Yaba, Lagos, Lagos, LA, 100000

Lekki lagoon

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