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Population Genetics/Genomics

Su, Yingjuan [1], Lv, Zhuyan [1], Wang, Ting [2].

Genetic and epigenetic architecture of Pseudotaxus chienii yield novel insights into adaptive responses to heterogeneous environment.

Heterogeneous environment is multidimensional with high spatial variation, mainly including climate and soil factors. The effects of these factors on the adaptive (epi)genetic architecture in plants remain to be elucidated. As an old rare conifer, Pseudotaxus chienii was selected as a model species with 11 populations 312 individuals to explore the association between adaptive (epi)genetic variation and climate and soil variables using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP) and methylation-sensitive-AFLP (MSAP). We identified 23 AFLP, and 26, seven and five MSAP outliers in P. chienii. Twenty-one of the AFLP adaptive loci were found to be associated with climate and /or soil variables such as precipitation, temperature, K, Fe, Zn, and Cu, whereas 21, seven and four MSAP outliers were significantly related to precipitation of wettest month (Bio13), precipitation of driest month (Bio14), PTC, Fe, Mn and Cu soil composition. Total precipitation and precipitation of driest seasons were the most influential factors for genetic and epigenetic variation, respectively. In addition, a high full-methylation level was found in P.chienii. Genetic and epigenetic variation had strong correlation. The results show that climate is of greater importance than soil in shaping the adaptive (epi)genetic differentiation, wherein the synergistic effects of climate and climate-soil variables are also validated. The identified climate and soil variables should be taken into account when applying ex-situ conservation.

1 - Sun Yat-Sen University
2 - South China Agricultural University

Pseudotaxus chienii
(epi)genetic architecture
ecological adaptation.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Number: PGG2004
Abstract ID:275
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