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Magney, David [1].

Flora of the Santa Clara River Watershed, California.

The vascular plant flora of the Santa Clara River watershed, California is rich and diverse, consisting of approximately 2,784 specific and infraspecific taxa. The watershed occurs in central and northeastern Ventura County and northwestern Los Angeles County and is 419,685 hectares (1,037,059 acres), almost entirely within the Jepson Flora’s Western Transverse Ranges. The watershed ranges in elevation from sea level at the mouth of the Santa Clara River to 2,692 meters (8,831 feet) at the summit of Mount Piños. Approximately 76% of the flora are native taxa. The California Native Plant Society staff, with the assistance from volunteers) have been researching the flora of the watershed since 2018, targeting understudied areas of the watershed. The watershed has been divided into 54 bioregions generally conforming to mountains, plains, and canyons/valleys. The floristics of the watershed bioregions are analysed as part of this effort. Most of the watershed is under public ownership (U.S. Forest Service) with the lowland areas under private ownership. The results of this research will be used to help conserve the flora of the watershed.

1 - California Native Plant Society, 2707 K Street, Suite 1, Sacramento, CA, 95816, United States

Santa Clara River watershed
Ventura County
Los Angeles County
species conservation

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