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Vorobik, Linda Ann [1].

What Makes Botanical Illustration Science.

Accurate, quality botanical illustrations have been a primary component of floras, monographs, and descriptions of new species and infraspecific taxa for decades. The quality of illustrations is based upon the artistic ability of the illustrator, the standards used for illustration style, the specimens used as a basis for illustration, and the quality of the author’s work in the publication to be illustrated. In this two-hour workshop botanical illustrator and PhD botanist Linda Ann Vorobik presents standards she has used in her 30 plus years as an illustrator, followed by an open discussion as to what standards should be used for scientific illustration for publications in this century, as well as how to most effectively set up and edit illustrations.Examples of topics discussed are as follows. 1) Voucher specimens for illustrations make these illustrations science. 2) Parallel illustrations are as important as parallel key construction. 3) Use of photographic resources may present the problem of lens distortion and questionable reference to voucher specimens. 4) Simplified measurements for scale bars (ex multiples of 1, 2, and 5) more readily communicates the size of subject illustrated. 5) Labelling within an illustration (as well as included in illustration caption) more readily communicates illustration information to the reader.          The workshop will conclude with a discussion of rates for illustration, copyright, limits to use of student illustration, and the ethics of illustration internship.

1 - Botanical Illustrator, PO Box 866,, Lopez Island, WA, 98261

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