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Mycology - Evolution

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399Characterization of rapidly evolving gene family diversity among apathogenic and pathogenic species of CalonectriaMycology - EvolutionRogers, Layne; Cubeta, Marc A.; LeBlanc, Nicholas.calonectriaGFE
245Haploid fruiting in the invasive range of the heterothallic fungus Amanita phalloidesMycology - EvolutionWang, Yen-Wen; Elmore, Holly; Golan, Jacob; Pringle, Anne.reproduction
plastid genome
Ectomycorrhizal fungi
Population genomics
182Phylogenomics, genome evolution and pangenome in the genus Lentinula  (Berk.) Pegler (Agaricales)Mycology - EvolutionNaranjo-Ortiz , Miguel Ángel; Patev, Sean; Min, Byoungnam; Grigoriev, Igor; Hibbett, David.Lentinula
Comparative genomics

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