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Mycology - Ecology and Conservation

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762A basidiomycetous red yeast, Sporobolomyces sp. nov., and its implications for human healthMycology - Ecology and ConservationFatemi, Samira; Haelewaters, Danny; Urbina, Hector; Eckert, Ethan; Gómez Zapata, Paula A.; Pruitt, Robert E.; Aime, M. Catherine.
936Anthropogenic nutrient inputs shift ecological interactions and structure of endophytic fungal symbiont communitiesMycology - Ecology and ConservationMuniania , Cedric Ndinga; Worson, Nick; Borer, Elizabeth; Seabloom, Eric; Kinkel, Linda; May, Georgiana.endophytic fungi
Communiy assembly
Trait-based structure
Phylogenetic clustering
Nutrient addition
Andropogon gerardii
896Century-long herbarium collections reveal novel mycorrhizal responses to global changeMycology - Ecology and ConservationMichaud, Talia; Cline, Lauren; Hobbie, Erik; Gutknecht, Jessica; Kennedy, Peter.mycorrhizal fungi
climate change
temperate forests
652Characterization of the ectomycorrhizal fungal spore bank associated with Florida slash pines in the endangered pine rockland ecosystemMycology - Ecology and ConservationKarlsen-Ayala, Elena; Jusino, Michelle A.; Gazis, Romina; Smith, Matthew.conservation
487Concentration of organic carbon and nitrogen as a key element in modelling fungal interactions in cloud forestsMycology - Ecology and ConservationBarrios, Alejandra; Velez, Patricia.microbial interactions
forest dynamics
356CONSTAX2:  Improved taxonomic classification of environmental DNA markersMycology - Ecology and ConservationLiber , Julian Aaron; Bonito, Gregory; Benucci, Gian Maria Niccolo.
810Disentangling the ecology and evolution of Buchwaldoboletus (Boletaceae)Mycology - Ecology and ConservationCaiafa Sepulveda , Marcos Vinicius; Smith, Matthew.Boletes
623Endophytism in Pezizomycetes: the exception or the rule?Mycology - Ecology and ConservationHealy, Rosanne; Arnold, A. Elizabeth; Gregory , Bonito; Huang, Yu-Ling; Lemmond, Benjamin; Smith, Matthew.Endophytes
pyrophilous fungi
1067Engaging community scientists in collecting data for conservation assessments, the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS)Mycology - Ecology and ConservationMueller, Gregory.community-sourced
Conservation assessments
amateur mycologists
722Evidence for increased arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal species richness and convergence in community composition in response to prairie restorations on marginal agricultural landsMycology - Ecology and ConservationMacColl, Kevin; Tosi, Micaela; Dunfield, Kari; Maherali, Hafiz.
181Fine-scale temporal variation of marine fungal community structure in an impacted sandy beach in Baja California, MexicoMycology - Ecology and ConservationVelez, Patricia; Walker, Allison; Gasca-Pineda, Jaime; Barrios, Alejandra; Divanli , Deniz; González, María C.; Nakagiri, Akira.Pacific coast
Species coexistence
Time-based dynamics
363Fungal communities from geothermal soils in Yellowstone National Park Mycology - Ecology and ConservationBazzicalupo, Anna; Erlandson, Sonya; Branine, Margaret; Ratz, Megan; Ruffing, Lauren; Nguyen, Nhu; Branco, Sara.soil
hot spring
geothermal activity
mycorrhizal fungi
798Global introduction patterns of the pine ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus luteusMycology - Ecology and ConservationKe, Yi-Hong; Bazzicalupo, Anna; Branco, Sara; Nguyen, Nhu; Ruytinx, Joske; Vilgalys, Rytas.Ectomycorrhizal fungi
Suillus luteus
Population Genetics
demographic model
1036Taxonomic and functional diversity of foliar yeasts of Populus trichocarpa Mycology - Ecology and ConservationRomero-Jimenez, Maria-Jose; Leopold, Devin; Busby, Posy.
464Temporal dynamics of Panicum virgatum bacterial and fungal communities overwhelm the planting density and variety effectsMycology - Ecology and ConservationKazarina, Anna; Jumpponen, Ari; Mandyam, Keerthi; Panicker, Girish.Time-based dynamics
Conservation agriculture
Cultuvar effect 
Planting density effect 
481The bat as a house for different residents: a tritrophic survey of bats, flies, and fungi in a Honduran cloud forestMycology - Ecology and ConservationDumolein, Iris; Hiller, Thomas; Martin, Thomas E.; Medina-van Berkum, Pamela; Vulinec, Kevina; Verbeken, Annemieke; Haelewaters, Danny.association network
montane tropical forest
habitat loss
arthropod-associated fungi
965The interactive impact of annual precipitation and land use history on leaf, root, and soil microbial communitiesMycology - Ecology and ConservationDea, Hannah I.; Kazarina, Anna; Ary, Evie; Urban, Abigail; Loeke, Terry; Houseman, Greg; Greer, Mitchell J.; Sikes, Ben; Lee, Sonny; Platt, Tom; Jumpponen, Ari.environmental gradient
climate change
land-use history
mean annual precipitation
plant microbiome
395The Rare 10 Challenge, a community-science project documenting rare and threatened fungi in service of conservationMycology - Ecology and ConservationJakob, Sigrid; Roy, Bitty A. ; Swearingen, Christin; Vandegrift, Roo; Vellinga, Else C.; Haelewaters, Danny.Fungal conservation
Citizen science
Fungal diversity
605Transcriptomics reveals the mycoparasitic strategy of the mushroom Entoloma abortivum on species of the mushroom ArmillariaMycology - Ecology and ConservationKoch, Rachel A.; Herr, Joshua R..transcriptomics
1053Truffles in the sky: the impact of stochastic and deterministic drivers on Rhizopogon communities of the Madrean Sky Island ArchipelagoMycology - Ecology and ConservationPaez , Carolina Pina; Carson, Adam; Luoma, Daniel; Spatafora, Joseph.Truffles
Ectomycorrhizal fungi
Communiy assembly
1141Using pyrocosms to reveal pyrophilous fungi of forest, meadow, and agricultural soilsMycology - Ecology and ConservationAdams, Catharine; Carver, Akiko; Stillman, Kyra; Bruns, Tom.Fire
312What parasites like: abiotic factors influencing the occurrence of Laboulbeniales fungiMycology - Ecology and ConservationHaelewaters, Danny; de Groot, Michiel D; Hiller, Thomas; Nedvěd, Oldřich; Aime, M. Catherine.climatic variables
parasite prevalence
agricultural land
community ecology
372Yeast and lactic acid bacteria dominate the core microbiome of fermented ‘hairy’ tofu (Mao tofu)Mycology - Ecology and ConservationBenucci, Gian Maria Niccolo; Wang, Xinxin; Li, Zhang; Fuqiang, Yu-Chun; Bonito, Gregory.Soybean
high-throughput Illumina MiSeq
lactic-acid bacteria
Microbiome-based Random Forest models

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