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Presentations for Program:: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions

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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Idlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina Center
Session P: Contributed Posters: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions Posters
PSM001July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterMycorrhizal Fungi Affected by Cover CropsPoster: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsGutierrez, Andrea; Twanabasu, Bishnu; Knapp, Emily.
PSM002July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterMycorrhizal relationship identified in an African aquatic PodostemaceaePoster: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsCroft, Abigail; Thomas, Duncan; Schenk, John.Podostemaceae
Aquatic plants
African endemics
PSM003July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterInvestigate the molecular mechanisms by which plant growth-promoting bacteria, Azospirillum brasilense, improve salt stress tolerance in ricePoster: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsMukherjee, Arijit; Degon, Zachariah; Rahmatallah, Yasir; Glazko, Galina.salt stress
Plant growth-promoting bacteria
PSM004July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterImplications of breeding system variation on pollinator community and efficacy in the genus TriodanisPoster: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsTillotson, Kate; Lukavsky, Sarah; Weber, Jenn.Pollination
breeding system
PSM005July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterMan, Plants and Microbes, who is the winner?Poster: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsAdemola Adefemi, Paseda.eukaryotic

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th, 8:00 am to 9:45 am · Tubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina Center
Session SYM1: Contributed Papers: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interaction 1
Presiding: Jessica Allen, Eastern Washington University; John Freudenstein, The Ohio State University
SYM1001July 26th 8:00 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterThe physiology of phylloplane pH regulation and its consequences on the microbiomeOral PaperGilbert, Kadeem; Renner, Tanya.phylloplane pH
Beta vulgaris
SYM1002July 26th 8:15 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterDiversity of plants foraged by two solitary wild beesOral PaperPuppo, Pamela; Martins, Filipa; Thompson, Madeline; Ferguson, Beth; Rinehart, Joseph; Bowsher, Julia; Greenlee, Kendra; Prasifka, Jarrad.Pollination
SYM1003July 26th 8:30 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterA Call To Reconceptualize Lichen SymbiosesOral PaperAllen, Jessica; Lendemer, James.
SYM1004July 26th 8:45 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterCorallorhiza striata is a “double parasite” and the first case of sexually deceptive pollination known among North American orchidsOral PaperFreudenstein, John; Barrett, Craig.parasitism
SYM1005July 26th 9:00 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterThe Inside Story: Microbes Living Within Plant TissuesOral PaperMartínez Hidalgo, María Pilar; Khan, Noor; HUMM, ETHAN; JAYAKARUNAKARAN, AKSHAYA; Hirsch, Ann.nodule microbiome
Plant growth-promoting bacteria
SYM1006July 26th 9:15 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterForaging behavior of Indian honeybee: Are bees specialists at an individual level?Oral PaperDandavate, Rohan; S, Sandhya; Shrotri, Saket; Kaur, Sukhraj; Gowda, Vinita.Apis cerana indica
Floral Constancy
Tuesday, July 26th, 10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Tubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina Center
Session SYM2: Contributed Papers: Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions 2
Presiding: Alexis Sullivan, Washington State University; Gregory Pec,
SYM2001July 26th 10:15 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterGrafted grapevine microbiota varies across space, time, and scion/rootstock combinationsOral PaperSwift, Joel; Migicovsky, Zoë; Trello, Grace; Miller, Allison.Grapevine
SYM2002July 26th 10:30 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterContrasting patterns of floral microbiome assembly in two clades of elemental hyperaccumulating plantsOral PaperCullen, Nevin; Ashman, Tia-Lynn.Abiotic stress
community assembly
California Floristic Province
Heavy Metal
SYM2003July 26th 10:45 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterImpact of invasion by annual grasses on mycorrhizal inoculation potential in a grassland ecosystemOral PaperSullivan, Alexis; Bunn, Rebecca; Cheeke, Tanya.arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
non-native species
native species
invasive species
Palouse Prairie
plant-soil interactions
SYM2004July 26th 11:00 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterRepeated defoliation mediates growth and alters the composition of root-associated fungi in big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) seedlingsOral PaperEllenwood, Jalynn; Johnson, Shaylee; Garcia-Kerboul, Marjorie; Helzer, Christopher; Pec, Gregory.Andropogon gerardii
root-associated fungal communities
SYM2005July 26th 11:15 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterTwo shifts in evolutionary lability explain many independent origins of nitrogen-fixing nodulation symbiosis in angiospermsOral PaperKates, Heather; Folk, Ryan; Guralnick, Robert; LaFrance, Raphael; O’Meara, Brian; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela.nitrogen-fixing plants
nitrogen fixation
SYM2006July 26th 11:30 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterUncultivated diversity of sulfur-cycling bacteria occurring in ecologically diverse vegetated salt marsh sedimentsOral PaperPeredo, Elena L; Pérez Castro, Sherlynette; Mason, Olivia; Vineis, Joe; Bowen, Jennifer; Mortazavi, Behzad; Ruff, Emil; Paul, Blair; Ganesh, Anakha; Giblin, Anne; Cardon, Zoe.Symbiosis
Gene diversity
Comparative -omics
SYM2007July 26th 11:45 amTubughnenq' 4/Dena'ina CenterInter-continental comparisons reveal high endemism in orchid mycorrhizal fungal communitiesOral PaperKaur, Jaspreet; Linde, Celeste; Jacquemyn, Hans; Sharma, Jyotsna.Orchids
Orchid mycorrhizal fungi

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