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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Idlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina Center
Session P: Contributed Posters: Population Genetics/Genomics Posters
PPG001July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterUsing Genomic Analysis to Assess Diversity and Clonal Propagation of the Florida Skullcap (Scutellaria floridana)Poster: Population Genetics/GenomicsHanko, Gina; Negron-Ortiz, Vivian; Moore, Rich.species conservation
PPG002July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterTracing the Origin of Central California Amaranthus palmeri Populations and Identifying Possible Genes of AdaptationPoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsFajardo, Kristine; Duque, Josue; Waselkov, Katherine.agricultural weed
Amaranthus palmeri
population genomics
invasive species
PPG003July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterPopulation Genetics of Two California Species of Checker Lily (Fritillaria)Poster: Population Genetics/GenomicsCARDENAS, ANDREW; Kaur, Arshnoor; Fajardo, Jacklyn; Waselkov, Katherine.Fritillaria
large genome
species delimitation
rare species
PPG004July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterGenetic diversity and the population structure in Clausena excavata (Rutaceae)Poster: Population Genetics/GenomicsYun, Narae; Lee, Yoonkyung; Paik, Jin-Hyub; Yi, Dong-Keun; Eum, Sang Mi; Choi, Sangho.Genetic diversity
Clausena excavata
population genetics
population biology
PPG005July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterThe first draft genome assembly of the national tree of Peru, quina (Cinchona officinalis, Rubiaceae)Poster: Population Genetics/GenomicsSaldaña, Carla L.; Estrada, Richard; Salazar, Wilian; Guerrero-Abad, Juan C.; Vásquez, Héctor V.; Maicelo, Jorge L.; Arbizu, Carlos I..genome
PPG006July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterIdentification of variants in whole genome sequencing data of a Peruvian landrace of Capsicum chinense, arnaucho chile pepperPoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsEstrada, Richard; Saldaña, Carla L.; Salazar, Wilian; Contreras-Liza, Sergio; Guerrero-Abad, Juan C.; Vásquez, Héctor V.; Maicelo, Jorge L.; Arbizu, Carlos I..Solanaceae
PPG007July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterQuantification of Genetic Diversity of Ohio’s Lakeside Daisy Using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism Molecular MarkersPoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsRoss, Gillian; Philpott, Megan.AFLP
Lakeside daisy
Genetic diversity
PPG008July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterPhylogenetic and population genomic analyses of the Claytonia arctica complex, based on targeted sequence capturePoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsGabbitas, Bob; Ickert-Bond, Steffi; Burleigh, J Gordon; Takebayashi, Naoki.Claytonia arctica complex
population genetics
GoFlag 408
PPG009July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterDevelopment Impacts and Population Genetics of Serpentinite Associated Cirsium fontinale in California WetlandsPoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsKate, Stephanie; Cantley, Jason.population genetics
Wetland Species
Edaphic Endemism
PPG010July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterGenetic diversity pattern reveals drivers of burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus L.) invasion in South KoreaPoster: Population Genetics/GenomicsLee, Soo-Rang; Son, Dong-Chan; Jo, Yeong-Seok.

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th, 8:00 am to 9:45 am · Tubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Session PGG1: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics/Genomics I
Presiding: Lisa Wallace, Old Dominion University; Jacob Landis, Cornell University
PGG1001July 26th 8:00 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterMating system and hybridization combine to effect range-wide genetic structure in a coastal endemic plantOral PaperVan Natto, Alyson; Eckert, Chris.population genetics
Genetic variation
Genetic differentiation
Mating system
PGG1002July 26th 8:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPersistence of a rare orchid in the past, present and future: insights from phylogeography and species distribution modelingOral PaperTrapnell, Dorset; Smallwood, Patrick; Dixon, Kingsley; Phillips, Ryan.
PGG1003July 26th 8:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterUsing RAD capture sequences to investigate the origins of the American Amphitropical Disjuncts Larrea tridentata and Larrea divaricataOral PaperLandis, Jacob; Gaynor, Michelle; Deanna, Rocío; O'Connor, Tim; Nguyen, Khoa; Ng, Julienne; Laport, Robert.long distance dispersal
new world deserts
adaptive radiation
RAD capture
PGG1004July 26th 8:45 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterDoes habitat variation drive floral and genetic divergence in Platanthera dilatata, with moderation by inter-population gene flow? Evidence from Southeast AlaskaOral PaperWallace, Lisa; Bowles, Marlin.Orchidaceae
Phenotypic variation
intraspecific variation
Genetic  variation
PGG1005July 26th 9:00 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterOrigins of Amaranthus tuberculatus (Waterhemp) in Central Valley Agroecosystems: A Population Genetics Approach Using Genotyping-By-SequencingOral PaperLopez, Alexander Joseph; Shrestha, Anil; Sosnoskie, Lynn; Waselkov, Katherine.
PGG1006July 26th 9:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterIndigenous Knowledge Systems & Genomics: Insights from a collaboration aiming to understand how the Martu’s foraging practices aid in the distribution and diversity of a staple food source across the Western Australian desertOral PaperWilliams, Tanisha; Heim, Jeffrey; McGuire, Chloe; Wrobleski, Amy; Bliege Bird, Rebecca; Martine, Chris.Solanum
population genetics
Traditional Ecological Knowledge
PGG1007July 26th 9:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterA phylogeographic study of Grindelia ciliata using RADseq dataOral PaperMoore, Abigail.Compositae
Great Plains
Tuesday, July 26th, 10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Tubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Session PGG2: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics/Genomics II
Presiding: Megan Ruffley, Carnegie Institution for Science
PGG2001July 26th 10:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterMapping genetic constraints of drought adaptation strategies in the eco-evolutionary model system, ArabidopsisOral PaperRuffley, Megan; Leventhal, Laura; Exposito-Alonso, Moi.genetic constraint
complex traits
PGG2002July 26th 10:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterFrom common gardens to candidate genes: exploring local adaptation to climate in red spruceOral PaperCapblancq, Thibaut; Lachmuth, Susanne; Fitzpatrick, Matt; Keller, Stephen.Cliimate transfer distance
Genome scan
genotype-environment association
Local adaptation
Gradient Forest
PGG2003July 26th 10:45 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterDetecting signals of polygenic adaptation in the face of demographic history and population structure in red spruce (Picea rubens)Oral PaperPrakash, Anoob; Keller, Stephen.diversifying selection
population genetics
quantitative genetics
PGG2004July 26th 11:00 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterGenetic and epigenetic architecture of Pseudotaxus chienii yield novel insights into adaptive responses to heterogeneous environmentOral PaperSu, Yingjuan; Lv, Zhuyan; Wang, Ting.Pseudotaxus chienii
(epi)genetic architecture
ecological adaptation
PGG2005July 26th 11:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterHerbarium accessions for temporal studies of adaptation to climate in Arabidopsis thalianaOral PaperLopez Perez, Lua; Lang, Patricia; Marciniak, Stephanie; Kistler, Logan; McKay, John; Burbano, Hernan; Perry, George; Lasky, Jesse.adaptation
climate change
PGG2006July 26th 11:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterWhite clover cyanogenesis: dual benefit or double-edged sword?Oral PaperKuo, Wenhsi.Trifolium
gene expression
Plant Defenses
PGG2007July 26th 11:45 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterJohnsongrass jumping genes: Population-level variation in transposable element content and correlations with environmental characteristicsOral PaperHofford, Nate; Motley, M'Kayla; MacNeill, Bryan; Deb, Sontosh; Adhikari, Bishnu; Busby, Andrew; McLaughlin, Susan; Oldham, Fae; McKain, Michael.transposable elements
invasive species
intraspecific variation
genome size variation
environmental variation
Tuesday, July 26th, 1:30 pm to 3:15 pm · Tubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Session PGG3: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics/Genomics III
Presiding: Nora Mitchell, University Of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
PGG3001July 26th 1:30 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterMinimal evidence for contemporary introgression in closely related sunflowers of WisconsinOral PaperMitchell, Nora; Nguyen, Thu; Bylander, Michael Robert; McNabb, Lydia; Leonardson, Aleks.population genomics
PGG3002July 26th 1:45 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterConvoluted complexes: role of hybridization and introgression in shaping plant species complexes in tropics (Hedychium spicatum Complex, Zingiberaceae)Oral PaperXavier, Aleena; Gowda, Vinita.Zingiberaceae
dd RAD
Asian tropics
Tropical Botany
PGG3003July 26th 2:00 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Determinants of mixed-ploidal variation and hybridization in big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) across the landscape
Oral PaperFaske, Trevor; Agneray, Alison; Richardson, Bryce; Leger, Elizabeth; Parchman, Thomas.landscape genomics
PGG3004July 26th 2:15 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterGenetic structure, local adaptation, and demographic history of Cephalotaxus oliveri based on population transcriptomic sequencingOral PaperLiu, Hanjing; Su, Yingjuan; Wang, Ting. Cephalotaxus oliveri
Population transcriptome
Genetic differentiation
Local adaptation
Demographic history
Ecological niche model
PGG3005July 26th 2:30 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterGenetic diversity of European holly (Ilex aquifolium) in the German AlpsOral PaperShigita, Gentaro; Ortiz, Edgardo M.; Gibis, Florian M.; Kastner, Toni; Hoewener, Alina; Ewald, Joerg; Schaefer, Hanno.Alps
Genetic diversity
intraspecific variation
PGG3006July 26th 2:45 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPopulation genetic study of Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T.Aiton. in Iran by using SCoT molecular markersOral Papersheidaei, masoud; kordasti, mohammadreza; koohdar, fahimeeh.Genetic diversity
Calotropis procera
PGG3007July 26th 3:00 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterUsing target capture data for population genetics: assessing allelic diversity within populations of three rare speciesOral PaperGavin-Smyth, Nora; Fant, Jeremie B; Grinage, Ayress; Zhang, Johnathan.population genetics
Target Enrichment
Allele phasing
Tuesday, July 26th, 3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Tubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Session PGG4: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics/Genomics IV
Presiding: Brittany Sutherland, University Of Louisiana At Lafayette
PGG4001July 26th 3:45 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterExperimental validation of genetic offset predictions in the coniferous tree, red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.)Oral PaperVerrico, Brittany; Capblancq, Thibaut; Keller, Stephen.Local adaptation
genotype-environment association
genetic offset
climate change
PGG4002July 26th 4:00 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPopulation genetics of the polymorphic flowering species Curcuma caulinaOral PaperBhardhwaj, Krithjgnan S; Shrotri, Saket; Gowda, Vinita.
PGG4003July 26th 4:15 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterExploring evolutionary processes promoting adaptive divergence across populations of Hawaiian Chenopodium oahuense (Amaranthaceae)Oral PaperCantley, Jason; Bullock, Madison; Williams, Tanisha; Haase, Butch; Martine, Chris.hybridization
population genetics
Incomplete Lineage Sorting
PGG4004July 26th 4:30 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPopulation genomics reveals convergent evolution and informs conservation in the Echinocereus fendleri group (Cactaceae)Oral PaperFehlberg, Shannon; Fehlberg, Kevin; Beck, James.Cactaceae
convergent evolution
PGG4005July 26th 4:45 pmTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPopulation genomics and local adaptation in three herbaceous perennials associated with longleaf pine savannaOral PaperJoines, Jason Paul; Cooper, Elizabeth A; DeWalt, Saara J; Walker, Joan L.landscape genomics
population genomics
Local adaptation
longleaf pine

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th, 8:00 am to 9:45 am · Tubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina Center
Session PGG5: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics/Genomics V
Presiding: Alison Scott, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research; Jeremy Yoder, California State University Northridge
PGG5001July 27th 8:00 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterSpecies-wide genomic resequencing in a model of mutualism in extreme environmentsOral PaperYoder, Jeremy.coevolution
genome resequencing
landscape genomics
PGG5002July 27th 8:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPopulation Genomics of the Native and Invaded California Range of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri)Oral PaperDuque, Josue; Lopez, Alexander Joseph; Lum, Romy; Waselkov, Katherine.Palmer amaranth
population genomics
PGG5003July 27th 8:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterGenomics of polyploid adaptation and formation in Siberian Arabidopsis lyrataOral PaperScott, Alison; Kolesnikova, Uliana; Novikova, Polina.polyploid
whole genome duplication
PGG5004July 27th 8:45 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterA chromosome-scale Pedicularis genome enables exploring the determinants of genetic diversityOral PaperJin, JianJun; Xu, Yuxing; McKenzie, Patrick; Meek, Jared; Li, De-zhu; Yi, Ting-Shuang; Ree, Richard; Eaton, Deren.Pedicularis
Genetic diversity
PGG5005July 27th 9:00 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterExploring conservation genetic methods for meta-collections of functionally extinct in the wild cycadsOral PaperJones, Maia; Handley, Vanessa; Nagalingum, Nathalie.cycad
population genomics
ex situ living collection
PGG5006July 27th 9:15 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterPollinator loss causes rapid adaptive evolution of selfing and dramatically reduces genome-wide genetic variability Oral PaperBusch, Jeremiah; Bodbyl-Roels, Sarah; Tusuubira, Sharif; Kelly, John.adaptation
evolutionary potential
experimental evolution
genetic draft
PGG5007July 27th 9:30 amTubughnenq' 5/Dena'ina CenterUnderstanding the population genetics of a rare and endangered plant species (Amsonia tharpii) across a fragmented landscapeOral PaperCohen, Dylan; Skogen, Krissa; Fant, Jeremie B; Doucet, Alissa; Young, Kyann.population genomics
rare species
habitat fragmentation
Amsonia tharpii

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