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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Idlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina Center
Session P: Contributed Posters: Ecophysiology Posters
Presiding: Arthur Schwarz, Southwestern Adventist University
PPE001July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterAxial root conductance in Anomochloa marantoidea, a member of Anomochlooideae, the basal lineage of the grass family (Poaceae)Poster: EcophysiologyAldrich, Marianne; Klahs, Phillip.Poaceae
PPE002July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterNursery Treatments May Improve Restoration Outcomes in Semi-arid Regions by Reducing Seedling Transplant ShockPoster: EcophysiologyMainhart, Douglas Evan; Fierro-Cabo, Alejandro; Christoffersen, Bradley; Reemts, Charlotte.ecophysiology
transplant shock
semi-arid forests
drought resistance
PPE003July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterLinking phloem and xylem traits in 18 different grapevine cultivars with sugar accumulation in berriesPoster: EcophysiologyStanfield, Ryan; Bartlett, Megan; Forrestel, Beth; Elmendorf, Kayla.Phloem
Sugar Accumulation
PPE004July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterSubstrate Type Affects the Drying Speed and Desiccation Tolerance of Fern GametophytesPoster: EcophysiologyRegier, Jordyn; Hernandez, Mayra; Sicangco, Camille Kilayko; Davis, Stephen; Holmlund, Helen.desiccation tolerance
Chlorophyll fluorescence
resurrection plant
dryopteris arguta
PPE005July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterComparative wood anatomy of 21 oak species (Quercus) along an environmental gradient in western MexicoPoster: EcophysiologyArenas Navarro, Maribel; Oyama, Ken; García Oliva, Felipe; Torres Miranda, Andres; Terrazas, Teresa.vasicentric tracheids
PPE006July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterTesting for a trade-off between relative growth rate and adaptation to climate across natural ecotypes of ArabidopsisPoster: EcophysiologyFletcher, Leila; Scoffoni, Christine; Farrell, Colin; Buckley, Thomas N; Pellegrini, Matteo; Sack, Lawren.arabidopsis
relative growth rate
trait-environment relationship

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th, 10:15 am to 11:45 am · Birch/Hilton
Session EPH1: Contributed Papers: Ecophysiology I
Presiding: Christopher Muir, University Of Hawai’i Mānoa
EPH1001July 26th 10:15 amBirch/HiltonFinding genes responsible for evolution of complex 3D leaf anatomy using tomographic microscopyOral PaperMuir, Christopher; Bonnin, Anne; Buckley, Thomas N; Conesa, Miquel À; Galmés, Jeroni; McKlin, Sam; Rippner, Devin A; Schmeltz, Margaux; Théroux-Rancourt, Guillaume.3D leaf complexity
Leaf carbon‐water exchange
X‐ray microcomputed tomography
EPH1002July 26th 10:30 amBirch/HiltonUsing a Machine Learning approach to study functional trait diversification in HelianthusOral PaperMajumder, Sambadi; Mason, Chase.sunflower
Machine Learning
functional traits
Evolutionary biology
EPH1003July 26th 10:45 amBirch/HiltonReconciling patterns of trait and niche evolution in polyploid plantsOral PaperKrieg, Christopher; Watts, Jacob; Sessa, Emily.polyploidy
ecological niche
trait differentiation
niche differentiation
EPH1004July 26th 11:00 amBirch/HiltonRestoring the Roan: Red Spruce Forest Understory Responses to Canopy Gaps at Roan Mountain, NCOral PaperHennessey, Thomas Moore.ecophysiology
plant ecology
EPH1005July 26th 11:15 amBirch/HiltonTrait Variation as Plants Grow Up: Simultaneous Effects of Ontogeny and Phenotypic PlasticityOral PaperFlores, Ana I.; Barton, Kasey.Phenotypic plasticity
ontogenetic trajectory
leaf traits
Resource allocation
functional traits
EPH1006July 26th 11:30 amBirch/HiltonUsing Eco-Physiology to Inform Conservation Outcomes: Photosynthetic Responses to Salinity in Two Endangered Alkali Vernal Pool Species of AtriplexOral PaperMirza, Humera; Arteaga, Marc; Santiago, Louis.ecophysiology
threatened species
endangered species
Atriplex coronata
Atriplex parishii
Chlorophyll fluorescence
salinity tolerence
Tuesday, July 26th, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session EPH2: Contributed Papers: Ecophysiology II
Presiding: Yongjiang Zhang, University Of Maine
EPH2001July 26th 2:00 pmBirch/HiltonIs climate warming beneficial to the wild blueberry, a temperate North American crop?Oral PaperZhang, Yongjiang.Water use
Crop yield
climate change
Vaccinium angustifolium
Water stress
EPH2002July 26th 2:15 pmBirch/HiltonStructural and functional leaf diversity explain variation in photosynthetic capacity across J. regia accessionsOral PaperMomayyezi, Mina; McElrone, Andrew.leaf traits
Leaf anatomy
CO2 diffusion
Photosynthetic capacity
EPH2003July 26th 2:30 pmBirch/HiltonExploring the relationship between anthocyanin structure and function in plant-environment interactionsOral PaperHughes, Nicole Michelle; Wommack, Andrew; Lila, Mary Ann.Anthocyanin
EPH2004July 26th 2:45 pmBirch/HiltonComparative analysis of autumn leaf coloration across North AmericaOral PaperHeberling, Mason; Hughes, Nicole M.; George, Christian O.; Lee, Ben; Neufeld, Howard; Webb, Campbell O; Lee, David W..Anthocyanin
leaf senescence
EPH2005July 26th 3:00 pmBirch/HiltonHurricane effects on restored seagrass corridors in TexasOral PaperSchwarz, Arthur; Thorhaug, Anitra; Berlyn, Graeme.Seagrass shoaling
seagrass restoration
Seagrass stabilization of shorelines
Halodule wrightii stabilization of shorelines
Halodule wrightii restoration shorelines Texas 
July 26th 3:15 pmBirch/HiltonBreak
EPH2007July 26th 3:45 pmBirch/HiltonIntra-canopy leaf variation in deciduous oaks (genus Quercus): from leaf construction to energy returnOral PaperGarnica Diaz, Claudia Juliana; Machado, Siddarth; Castillo-Argaez, Raiza; Smith, Nicholas Ash; Johnson, Daniel J.; John, GRACE PATRICIA.LMA
economic spectrum
wilting point
EPH2008July 26th 4:00 pmBirch/HiltonPhenotypic plasticity and selection on leaf traits in response to snowmelt timing and summer precipitationOral PaperNavarro, Jocelyn; Powers, John; Paul, Ayaka; Campbell, Diane.adaptive plasticity
Ipomopsis aggregata
vegetative traits
Phenotypic plasticity
stomatal conductance
water use efficiency
EPH2009July 26th 4:15 pmBirch/HiltonEcophysiological explanations for spatial and temporal variations in autumnal coloration within the canopies of ornamental red maple (Acer rubrum ‘Armstrong’) and Freeman maple (Acer x freemanii)Oral PaperMartin, Claire; Neufeld, Howard.
EPH2010July 26th 4:30 pmBirch/HiltonEffects of nitrogen and phosphorus addition on early regeneration and root shoot growth in hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus speciesOral PaperRong, Huang; Huang, Lanqing; Lei, Xiaozhou; Fang, Chuangwei; Castillo-Díaz, Diana; Chen, Huayang; Wen, Bin; Cao, Kun-Fang; Zhu, Shidan; Manage Goodale, Uromi.Early regeneration
Nitrogen addition
Phosphorus addition
Root aging
Root complexity
Root shoot length ratio

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th, 8:00 am to 11:30 am · Lupine/Hilton
Session EPH3: Contributed Papers: Ecophysiology III
Presiding: Luis Santiago-Rosario, Louisiana State Univeristy
EPH3001July 27th 8:00 amLupine/HiltonContrasts among cationic phytochemical landscapes in the southern United StatesOral PaperSantiago-Rosario, Luis; Harms, Kyle.calcium
multivariate analysis
spatial autocorrelation
EPH3002July 27th 8:15 amLupine/HiltonOne tree species, three extremes: Resilience to high temperature, aridity, and solar radiation of Acacia tortilis in the Arava desert, IsraelOral PaperKlein, Tamir; Uni, Daphna; Winters, Gidon; Sheffer, Efrat.Hyper-arid
drought resistance
vapor pressure deficit
EPH3003July 27th 8:30 amLupine/HiltonDouglas-fir does not recover from co-occuring heat and drought with rewateringOral PaperVelasco, Vera; Noordermeer, Devin; Sen, Tomoyuki; Tongson, Eden; Fuentes, Sigfredo; Ensminger, Ingo.Conifers
gas exchange
thermal imaging
Chlorophyll fluorescence
light regulation
Interior Douglas-fir
Coastal Douglas-fir
climate change
EPH3004July 27th 8:45 amLupine/HiltonCitrus reveals novel insights into genotypic variation, acclimation, and plasticity in photosynthetic thermotolerance of tropical evergreensOral PaperGuha, Anirban; Vharachumu, Talent; Khalid, Muhammad Fasih; Keeley, Mark; Avenson, Thomas; Vincent, Christopher.Thermotolerance
Short-term warming
Non-photochemical quenching
EPH3005July 27th 9:00 amLupine/HiltonIntegrated adaptations to moisture supply and cross-over in whole-plant growth among Eucalyptus species along an Australian rainfall gradientOral PaperSmith, Duncan; Adams, Mark; Salvi, Amanda; Buckley, Thomas N; Ané, Cécile; McCulloh, Katherine; Givnish, Thomas.adaptive crossover
trait-environment relationship
trait-trait relationship
trait evolution
Phenotypic plasticity
species distributions
relative moisture supply
EPH3006July 27th 9:15 amLupine/HiltonEvaluation of the early growth performance Bauhinia monandra, Delonix regia and Tetrapleura tetraptera (Leguminous Tree Species) in crude oil-contaminated soilOral PaperOyedeji, Ayodele; Besenyei, Lynn; Fullen, Michael.Crude oil
Leguminous trees
EPH3007July 27th 9:30 amLupine/HiltonPhysical and physiological expression of Aluminum toxicity in Solanum macrocarponOral Paperkalu, emmanuel.
July 27th 9:45 amLupine/HiltonBreak
EPH3009July 27th 10:15 amLupine/HiltonStem diameter limits phloem conductive area plasticity in Populus tremuloides seedlingsOral PaperMiller, Elise; Ray, Dustin; Savage, Jessica.Phloem
Conductive Area
Sieve Elements
EPH3010July 27th 10:30 amLupine/HiltonDo Trees and Shrubs Differ in Lignification? A Case Study on HazelnutsOral PaperPrice, David; Parsons, Cameron; Dole, Mackenzie; Li, Jianhua.Corylus
Acetyl Bromide
Morphological disparity
EPH3011July 27th 10:45 amLupine/HiltonComparison of phenotypic plasticity and genetic diversity of a rare and a widespread species of Boechera (Brassicaceae), B. perstellata and B. laevigataOral PaperBaskauf, Carol; Lindsey, Annie; Rogers, Will; Boyd, Jennifer; Anderson, Jill; Brzyski, Jessica; Cruse-Sanders, Jennifer.rare species
widespread species
Boechera perstellata
Boechera laevigata
Phenotypic plasticity
genetic variability
EPH3012July 27th 11:00 amLupine/HiltonExamining the Role of Drought Adaptation in Determining the Distribution of Arctostaphylos SpeciesOral PaperBuehlman, Angela; Abbo, Tito; Morrison, Glen R; Huang, Yi; Santiago, Louis; Litt, Amy.Arctostaphylos
functional traits
species distributions

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