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Presentations for Program:: The impact of climate change on plants and their interactions with pollinators

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Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina Center
Session S3: Symposium: The impact of climate change on plants and their interactions with pollinators
Presiding: Johanne Brunet, USDA-ARS VCRU
July 26th 8:00 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterIntroduction
S3002July 26th 8:15 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterClimate change, pollinators and crop productionSymposium PresentationGiannini, Tereza Cristina; Miranda, Leonardo; Borges, Rafael Cabral.Pollinators
S3003July 26th 8:45 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterThe impact of abiotic factors on flowering phenology and floral traits in a high-altitude plant in changing environmentsSymposium PresentationBrunet, Johanne.climate change
Phenotypic plasticity
Floral traits
breeding system
Pollinator attraction
high altitude plant
S3004July 26th 9:15 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterHow does simultaneous warming affect plants and pollinators?Symposium PresentationRafferty, Nicole; de Manincor, Natasha; Fisogni, Alessandro.phenology
climate change
phenological mismatch
July 26th 9:45 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterBreak
S3006July 26th 10:15 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterWhere have all the flowerflies gone? Multiple drivers of flowering phenology of understory shrubs alter overlap with pollinators in interior AlaskaSymposium PresentationMulder, Christa; Kornhauser, Kara; Diggle, Pamela; Schaub, Eileen; Spellman, Katie.boreal forest
bud preformation
trophic mismatch
solitary bees
syrphid flies
ground thaw
S3007July 26th 10:45 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterCascading effects of water limitation on floral resources and their pollinatorsSymposium PresentationRankin, Erin.pollinator
water limitation
floral rewards
S3008July 26th 11:15 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterEffects of climate change on alpine plants and their pollinatorsSymposium PresentationInouye, David.Pollination
climate change
July 26th 11:45 amTikahtnu Ballroom A /Dena'ina CenterDiscussion

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