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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th, 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina Center
Session TP1: Contributed Papers: Tropical Biology Contributed Papers
Presiding: Elizabeth Stacy, University Of Nevada Las Vegas; Laura Lagomarsino, Louisiana State University
TP1001July 25th 3:45 pmTikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina CenterAssessing Cucurbitaceae diversity in Madagascar using Nanopore-based field genomicsOral PaperOrtiz, Edgardo M.; Hoewener, Alina; Andriamiharisoa, Minosoa; Shigita, Gentaro; Radanielina, Tendro; Schaefer, Hanno.amplicon assembly
field genomics
molecular identification
multiplexed PCR
TP1002July 25th 4:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina CenterComparing a Phenological Shift in Tropical Wet and Dry Habitats Using Herbarium SpecimensOral PaperLynch, Skylar; Tripp, Erin; Melbourne, Brett.phenology
TP1003July 25th 4:15 pmTikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina CenterPermits, pole clippers, and nose swabs: A series of potentially useful anecdotes from a recent fieldtrip to ColombiaOral PaperLagomarsino, Laura; Bedoya, Ana Maria; Tribble, Carrie; Paredes-Burneo, Diego; Aguirre Santoro, Julian.Fieldwork
International collaboration
Nagoya protocol
TP1004July 25th 4:30 pmTikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina CenterLife history evolution within Hawaiian Metrosideros, a hyper-variable landscape-dominant tree species complexOral PaperStacy, history
correlated trait evolution
Floral longevity
Seed germination
Fruit development
maturation rate
Monday, July 25th, 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina Center
Session M13: Meeting: Tropical Biology Business Meeting
Presiding: Laura Lagomarsino, Louisiana State University; Vinita Gowda, IISER Bhopal
July 25th 5:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom E/Dena'ina CenterTropical Biology Business Meeting

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