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200Omic strategies for identification of Amaranth speciesComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsHubert, Julia; Kyte, Sarah; Charron, Andréanne; Colville, Adam; Klein, Daniel; Brière, Stephan C.; Gagnon, Marie-Claude; Galindo Gonzalez, Leonardo Miguel.amaranths
Amaranthus palmeri
genome skimming
chloroplast sequencing
Comparative -omics
protein biotyping
DNA barcoding
174On a new global synthesis of the assembly of the northern hemispheric phytogeography by integrating paleobiome structure, connectivity and paleogeography in historical biogeography – the role of BeringiaBeringia!: Current Insights on the Geology, Climate, Paleontology, Floristic Assembly, and Biodiversity of a Subcontinent that is Central to Northern Hemisphere BiogeographyXiang, Qiuyun (Jenny); Ickert-Bond, Steffi; Zhao, Lijun; Kepler, Lenora; Schoonmaker, Ashley; Yue, Jipei; Harris, AJ.Phytogeography of Northern Hemisphere
Historical biogeography
Biome shift
Origin of floristic disjunction
159One tree species, three extremes: Resilience to high temperature, aridity, and solar radiation of Acacia tortilis in the Arava desert, IsraelEcophysiologyKlein, Tamir; Uni, Daphna; Winters, Gidon; Sheffer, Efrat.Hyper-arid
drought resistance
vapor pressure deficit
690Ontogeny and anatomy of Bouteloua (Poaceae: Chloridoideae) species display a basipetal branch formation and a novel modified leaf structure in grassesDevelopment and StructureCuellar-Garrido, Luis Fernando; Ruiz-Sanchez, Eduardo; Vargas, Ofelia; Whipple, Clinton.Anatomy
Kranz anatomy
125Ophioglossales, plants at the extreme for an extremely long time--what can we learn from them? Lessons from Botrychium, the moonwort fernsFerns at the extreme: the case of moonworts, grape-ferns and adder’s tongues of the family OphioglossaceaeFarrar, Donald.Botrychium
belowground biology
686Optimized methods for preserving hemipteran stylet bundle connections for anatomical studies looking at plant herbivoryDevelopment and StructureCarlile, Brittnay; Krosnick, Shawn.
209Origins of Amaranthus tuberculatus (Waterhemp) in Central Valley Agroecosystems: A Population Genetics Approach Using Genotyping-By-SequencingPopulation Genetics/GenomicsLopez, Alexander Joseph; Shrestha, Anil; Sosnoskie, Lynn; Waselkov, Katherine.

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