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333Jacob Peter Anderson and the Allure of Studying Alaska's FloraBotanical HistoryKlahs, Phillip.regional flora
902Johnsongrass jumping genes: Population-level variation in transposable element content and correlations with environmental characteristicsPopulation Genetics/GenomicsHofford, Nate; Motley, M'Kayla; MacNeill, Bryan; Deb, Sontosh; Adhikari, Bishnu; Busby, Andrew; McLaughlin, Susan; Oldham, Fae; McKain, Michael.transposable elements
invasive species
intraspecific variation
genome size variation
environmental variation
781Joshua tree resiliency and plasticity in response to climate changeThe impact of climate change on plant physiology in natural and agricultural systemsHeyduk, Karolina; DeFalco, Lesley; Esque, Todd; McKain, Michael; Yoder, Jeremy; Smith, Christopher.Yucca
Local adaptation

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